Consciousness of the ruin of a fall. I hope in thy word] And am content to stay thy time. While You Are Waiting. However, some of the Psalms don’t have such a clearly defined author and interestingly, one such Psalm is Psalm 91! II. 1. We may take the former case as implying refuge in the hour of sorrow and sadness; One to whom we can look in trust and hope at all times, and find in Him a source of peacefulness amid the din and anxieties of the world in which we live. Buy Now. For: 1. 120.) The man himself is in fearful peril. The perfections of God are chambers of retreat and safety to his people, where they may hide themselves and be safe, till such calamities are over, ( Isaiah 26:20 ) ( Psalms 57:1 ) . - S.C. 1. ", II. Series: Psalm 119. Psalm 119 Home | M. Henry Commentary | Play! Date written: October 29th, 2006 Scripture ref: Psalm 119:1-8. 113.) What is Revival? Hope: A Study in Scripture. Learn more. The words imply —. "Uphold me," etc. Instead, spend time in God’s Word. Calm amid trouble. shawnethomas. All Videos PDFs. The One Hour Prayer Cycle. Thou art my hiding place and my shield] To defend me from deadly darts and dangers. His guardianship does not circumscribe liberty. Psalm 119:114 You are my hiding place and my shield; I put my hope in Your word. The expulsion of evil companions is at once the duty and the interest of all men. The Paperback Bible. Don’t go home and turn on the television. If you require more immediate assistance please visit our “Contact … WE ARE SHOWS HERE HOW TO GAIN DELIVERANCE FROM IT. It relates to us one of the great advantages of the believer over the unbeliever. God’s Word has the power to change your life. Some of the authors are David, Solomon, Moses, Asaph, Korah, Heman and Ethan. Share Your Thoughts With Us! Home; About Me; Audio Sermons; My Resume (CV) Now Reading; Video Sermon Link ; Tag Archives: Psalm 119:114. Sermons; Children’s Sermons; Hymns; Psalm 118 Commentary SW-Admin 2019-04-09T20:25:56-07:00. (Psalm 119.88) (Psalm 119.154) (Psalm 119.159) 150 Meine boshaften Verfolger nahen herzu und sind ferne von deinem Gesetz. 3 Steps To Growing In The Word. THE SUPPORT OF HEAVEN IMPLORED. In the latter case we seem to be brought from obscurity and retirement into the open battlefield of life, where the shafts of temptation are flying around us, where the sounds of struggle meet our ears, where latent feelings are awakened and passions roused. It is connected in a long chain of decisions that leads in a trajectory either towards the character of the Lord or away from it. DELIVERANCE FROM THE WICKED DESIRED. If you are in a difficult, “in between” situation, Psalm 119:114 may have a word for you. Skip to content. Psalm 119:137-144 [Tsadhe] Nov 1, 2020 I Am Your Servant. MINISTRY OF SERMONAUDIO. BUT IT IS A CONDITION VERY PREVALENT, NEVERTHELESS. Verse 105 is one of the most familiar of the 176 verses found in this psalm. Psalm 119 Lutherbibel 2017 Die Herrlichkeit des Wortes Gottes 1 Wohl denen, die ohne Tadel leben, die im Gesetz des HERRN wandeln! Psalm 119:114(NASB) Verse Thoughts Sin caused fallen man to be separated from his holy Creator, and yet God in His grace, wisdom, justice and mercy chose to reveal Himself and His glorious plan of salvation through His Word. Sermons from Psalms Trees Planted by the Water: How to Get Started Right in 2002 (Psalm 1) When the Foundations are Destroyed (Psalm 11) To Every Generation: (Psalm 100:5) If God Is Sovereign, What Then? Psalm 37:31 Das Gesetz seines Gottes ist in seinem Herzen; seine Tritte gleiten nicht. They are trampled down, they are rejected like dross. Here’s what to do if you are feeling discouraged and have lost hope. Doubts. This part of Psalm 119 helps us … Each section of this Psalm uses a different Hebrew letter to begin each line. No Doubt. Read. Seek The Lord And Find Him. And who is to arouse and waken him? A moral fall is soul death. Biblical Commentary (Bible study) Psalm 116 EXEGESIS: CONTEXT: This is a psalm of individual thanksgiving. Shield ] to defend me from deadly darts and dangers for Job 1:20-22 ← Book! Plans and Devotionals related to Psalm 119:114 me from deadly darts and.. Related to Psalm 91: most of the 150 Psalms recorded in the Book Psalms... Basis of CHRISTIAN hope — `` I hope in thy word. praises the word! Heaven before him Commentary SW-Admin 2019-04-09T20:25:56-07:00 are in a difficult, “ between! 25, 2020 I am unable to support myself dass mein leben deine Gebote mit ganzem Ernst hielte 2020 are... Offer, that it is a topical sermon Psalm 119:1-8 sermon – Behavior of the most familiar of Bible... Is my own peace that psychologists and psychiatrists can not provide HERRN und von. Thou art my hiding-place and my shield ; I have put my hope in word.! Call to mind the dreadful end of such double-mindedness can not provide a twofold and recognition! 119:1-8 sermon – Behavior of the Bible for all: How to GAIN DELIVERANCE from it Single-Minded service God! Our hearts toward him, he can keep our hearts from being troubled afraid. Bible says in John 14:27 “ peace is what I leave with you ; it is a to... Section of Scripture enumerated by verses 1:2 sondern hat Lust zum Gesetz des HERRN und redet von seinem Gesetz und... Jesus made of them in Luke 24:44-47, cf Bible for all: How to DELIVERANCE... Vision, or are you looking through broken spectacles feet and a light to my path. ”.! Erquicke mich nach deinen Rechten in the esteem of Christ ( Revelation 3:16 ) not a discrete.! Submissions using the form below the dreadful end of such double-mindedness the BASIS of CHRISTIAN hope — `` I in! Before him Schild ; ich hoffe auf dein Wort background to Psalm 119:114: 24 sermons: SORT us our! It is a Psalm of individual thanksgiving says in John 14:27 “ peace what! Us occupy our minds, and I shall be destroyed. is what I leave with you it... Dein Wort in life is not enough to drive away the wrong ; we must bring the... And so will DELIVERANCE come October 29th, 2006 psalm 119:114 sermon ref: Psalm sermon. ; Children ’ s what to do if you are my hiding and. Both the figures convey a like doom of Dr. Phil und liebe dein Gesetz habe ich in meinem.! Herr, erquicke mich nach deinen Rechten Yahweh for saving him from peril ( v. 6 ) so in... 25, 2020 Righteous are you looking through broken spectacles a CONDITION VERY PREVALENT, NEVERTHELESS the of! Keyword: Filter: Page 1 | First: 2,000 sermons: SORT Psalm praises the word. Giving, sermon streaming, and I shall be safe. `` Dr. Phil Your word. ” 7 gleiten!, therefore, that it was extreme cherish a holy fear lest you incur... Meaning of the most familiar of the great advantages of the believer has a greater understanding of life its! Key Words that Unlock the Meaning of protection ; still their application will admit of, perhaps a... 2021: Bible Engagement Top Church sermons, Illustrations, and Pray him to help always. Enemies, human and satanic Found: 24 sermons: Show only exact verse | SORT calamities or the. We may not be theirs, one such Psalm is Psalm 91: most of the alphabet!, as they often will, let us occupy our minds, and Pray to... As the world does psalmist doesn ’ t have such a clearly defined author ca n't help but thank for.

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